How to Sell a Home that Needs Major Repairs

Major Repairs Worth Doing Before Selling Your Home Roof replacement Repairing termite damage HVAC system replacement Repairing mold and water damage Electrical panel replacements Re-pipes, repairing septic system problems But is it really worth repairing your HVAC system? As with all the big-ticket items above, you’ll have to decide if the cost of repairs makes … Continued

The Cost of Selling a House

What are typical Realtor’s Fees like in Georgia? The average realtor’s commission in Georgia runs at about 6 percent. The seller is usually expected to shell out the entire 6 percent, since the buyer is having to put down a large down payment. The commission is typically split between the seller’s agent and the buyer’s … Continued

Can You Expedite Probate?

Going through probate court in Georgia is often a time-consuming and messy process. As the executor, trustee, or administrator, your main goal is to work through the allocation of assets as quickly as possible, though that may not always be an easy task. Delays, paperwork hassles, tension among heirs, and expenses are all complications that … Continued