Are You Tired of Being a Landlord? Ready to Sell Your Rental Property?

Sometimes leasing your Atlanta, Georgia rental home is more of a hassle then it is worth. When you have difficult tenants or unruly house maintenance requirements, the passive income of leasing property may prove not to be so passive. In some cases, you may have never intended to be a landlord, but needed a way to earn cash to help pay for the property you own yet no longer live in. If you have grown tired of the responsibility and are ready to move on from conflicts with tenants or the chore of property maintenance, it may be time to sell your rental home. 

What do you do when you’re tired of being a landlord and are ready to move on? You may even be wondering, can I sell my house if I have a tenant? Luckily, with a cash home buyer like Arbor View, selling your rental property fast is an easy solution to moving on from being a landlord, and selling with a tenant in place is possible in Atlanta, Georgia.

Are You an Accidental Landlord? Stop Dealing with the Difficulties and Sell Your Rental House Fast for Cash

Maybe you never intended to become a landlord in Georgia. Perhaps a marriage moved you out of your old home and into a home with your spouse, or perhaps you were ready to move on to a new home at a time when the market value of your Atlanta house was too low to sell. As an accidental landlord, you don’t necessarily set out to turn your home into a rental, but wind up with the job because you were ready to move on before you were ready to sell the house, and needed the cash income. 

Over time, the constant maintenance required to keep up the rental house may become overwhelming, tiresome, or expensive, potentially turning the property into a source of negative cash flow when prohibitive maintenance costs arise. For some homeowners, your neighborhood’s Homeowners Association (HOA) in the Atlanta area may challenge you with disincentives for turning your house into a rental property. Energy and time spent on communication with management companies or tenants can also become particularly draining. Selling your home fast for cash to a cash buyer like Arbor View Properties is a great solution when you are dealing with these circumstances. 

Can I sell my rental property if I have a tenant?

The good news is that in Atlanta, Georgia, it is legal to sell a house with a tenant in place and to transfer the lease to a buyer. When you sell your rental house to Arbor View, we work with all parties involved to make sure there is transparency in how the lease transfer is handled so that nobody is losing. When we buy a house for cash and take over a lease, we try our best to work with the current tenant to find a solution and save you the trouble. Sometimes we offer cash for keys. Every situation is unique, and as experienced professional home buyers, Arbor View treats each one as so. We would be happy to discuss and provide further information on how we work with current tenants when we buy a rental house in Atlanta, Georgia and take over a transferred lease.

Benefits of Selling Your Rental House to a Cash Buyer like Arbor View:

  • Release your obligations to a difficult tenant and skip the headache of eviction with Arbor View. 
  • Save thousands on agent commission costs that come with selling through a realtor.
  • Avoid hiring movers and repairing damages made by tenants. We buy houses as-is. Keep what you want and leave the rest to us.
  • Receive a no-obligation cash offer in as little as 24 hours. Avoid the dispossessory hassle, and quickly walk away from unresolved issues with difficult tenants and/or property management companies. 
  • Turn your rental home into immediate cash without the stress of rental property correspondence and upkeep.

Sell Your Rental Home in Atlanta to Arbor View in Three Easy Steps

Step 1: 

Fill Out Our Quick Contact Form or Call Us Today

Once we receive your information, we analyze

your rental property and determine an estimate for what we can pay you.

Step 2: 

We Call You to Schedule a Time to See your Rental Property

We usually call within minutes to talk with you about your situation, answer questions, and set a time to see the property.

Step 3: 

We Make You a Cash Offer

We’ll make you a fair, all cash offer to take your property off your hands. There are no fees, and no-obligation.

Problems with Property Management Companies

Many landlords hire a property management company to reliably take over the main responsibilities of their Atlanta rental property, though this process is not always as simple at it seems. For one, property management companies may be managing a handful of properties, often dealing with a large number of tenants and property concerns. Due to the sheer volume of complaints they receive, property management companies might mishandle or neglect your property, leading to problems of over-expenditure and unreliability in the way they facilitate tasks like maintenance, lease agreement enforcement, and communication. This neglect can create the opportunity for tenants to (knowingly or unintentionally) tear up your Atlanta area rental house. 

Additionally, monthly fees and commission costs can eat into the cash income of a home rental. In conjunction with these regular costs, management companies in Atlanta, Georgia can be flippant with the way that they handle maintenance and may overcharge landlords (or overlook less-costly solutions) for simple repairs. 

Dealing with Difficult Tenants

Renting a home can be a great source of passive income, though the income can change from passive to active when a terrible tenant moves in. Irresponsible use of the house can lead to constant maintenance requirements that become troublesome or costly, eating into the cash you earn on renting your house. Some tenants will get behind on rent and continuously ask for extensions and forgiveness, causing stressful friction in the landlord-tenant relationship. Issues with noise, property improperly stored outside, pets, and neighbors can all turn into stress points as a result of a troublesome tenant renting your home. You might be thinking about evicting your tenants, or filing a dispossessory.

Whether they are going through a difficult life situation, or are just overall difficult people, working with challenging tenants can be a huge burden, and it can be hard to get these tenants out of your rental property. In these scenarios, you might feel altogether fed up with renting out your property. If you are on the verge of filing an eviction or notice of dispossession, it may be easier to sell the house if you’re ready to be done with being a landlord. 

Ready to Sell? Pain Points of Selling a Rental Home with a Realtor

There are some specific setbacks to selling a rental home with a realtor. Many real estate agents are reluctant to show potential buyers a tenant-occupied home because they expect some resistance to allowing visitors into the property, and they assume the condition of the property will be less than optimal. For a real estate agent, scheduling showings with a tenant in place poses an additional hassle, and it may seem unlikely to land a buyer if the home is currently occupied. Therefore, realtors may take caution when selling leased homes, especially with difficult tenants, as they do not know how to best anticipate relating to the tenant. 

In Georgia, lease agreements stay intact for new property owners, which can make it difficult to sell through a realtor to a party looking for a new home. Furthermore, the sale of a property is not a cause for eviction unless there’s a clause in your lease permitting the landlord to terminate a lease upon selling the property. 

Intentionally Revitalize Your Life by Selling to Arbor View

At Arbor View Properties, we realize that being a landlord can become a tiresome endeavor that eventually becomes more trouble than it is worth. We’re here to help you eliminate the stress and constant attention required when renting out a home by buying your house fast for cash so that you can move on to focus on your own life and your own home. We are more than happy to purchase rental homes with or without tenants in place, as we have no problem buying currently-leased homes. We will take over the lease and work with the current tenants in a reasonable way so that you can get you out of the messy or tiring situation that comes from being a landlord. 

Our clients appreciate our sales approach. We know that landlording can become tiring or be the accidental result of a need to move fast, so we avoid adding additional stress to your life; we don’t push for a hard sell. With Arbor View, if you are not completely satisfied with our offer, you have no obligation to accept it. No charge. No fees. Proposing a house sale and receiving an offer with Arbor View is 100% free with no strings attached . 

Whether or not you have a difficult tenant in place, we’re happy to talk to you today and buy your rental property fast. Regardless of if you decide to sell to us or not, we’re happy to answer questions you might have about lease transfers and other aspects of our buying process.

If you are an accidental or tired landlord, walk away from the stress and obligation by contacting Arbor View, your cash home buyers in Atlanta, at 770-810-5715 today, or fill out our quick contact form below.

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