Can I Sell a Hoarding House to Cash Buyers in Atlanta?

What Happens if You Have Inherited a Hoarding House?

An inheritance is usually something that has some value to it. A hoard house can be just the opposite. You have now inherited all the problems that come with it. How many problems depends on the degree of the hoard. Also, how long it has been a hoard house.  The best solution is to sell the hoard house. One option is to sell a hoarding house to cash buyers. But, some need to look at other options first.

 Sell a Cluttered House

sell a hoarding house to cash buyers

There are different degrees of clutter. Some may be able to sell a cluttered house after spending a good amount of time cleaning it. In many cases, a cluttered house goes beyond this. The clutter has actually become a hoard. This is where the real problems begin. Most people buying a home are well aware of what a hoard house is. Thanks to the television episodes about this. People are aware of the underlying damage that is most probable. They are not prepared to take on what could be a nightmare for them. The average buyer has concerns about the high cost of renovations. Not to mention the cleanup process. Then the huge amount of time it takes to restore a cluttered house.

Renovate a Hoarder House

Some think that if they get rid of the hoard they can renovate a hoarder house. They don’t realize the amount of unseen damage that they may need to deal with. The hoard usually covers the real damage that is present.  Floorboards are often rotted out, and rats and mice may have been destructive. All this raises the cost to renovate a hoarder house. It often takes professionals that are expensive to renovate a hoarder house. It is not going to be a do it yourself project.

Hoarder Estate Sale

sell a hoarding house to cash buyers by estate sale

Another option some consider is a hoarder estate sale. There are two approaches to this. The owner of the hoard may decide to hold a hoarder estate sale. Or, they may decide to hire professionals who do estate sales. Either way, there is a whole gambit of problems.

People usually gather at a specified time to attend an estate sale. Then they will have the chance to see the interior and exterior of the house. Here is where the problems begin. Just upon arrival, the condition of the home will create some negative opinions.

Then there is a chance that the hoard is too bad to allow people to enter the house. The owner of the hoarder house has safety responsibilities for those  on the property. There is a high risk for injury in a hoard house. It might be that there is no liability insurance on the property.

A professional estate seller is not likely going to take a chance with a hoarder estate sale. The time and risks would be too great for them. Most people attending this type of sale will not stay. They are nervous about contracting some type of disease if they enter the house. It is not something that most are willing to invest in.

To have a hoarder estate sale, it would need a massive cleanup. Again, this is time and money. The better option is to  sell a hoarding house to cash buyers.

Sell a Hoarder House for Cash

sell a hoarding house to cash buyers fast

Think about the option to sell a hoarding house to cash buyers. Weigh this against the current circumstances. It may be that the city is stepping in to enforce regulations. They have stringent rules about cleaning up a hoard house. They can levy fines against it. As the seller of the hoard house, these expenses are your responsibility. With the sell a hoarder house for cash option, this is one less problem to deal with.

The owner of the hoard house may be in financial difficulty. When you sell a hoarder house for cash, it is quick and simple. The cash is available for a short period. It allows the hoarder to be able to move on. Chances are they need cash to find new accommodations. When one decides to sell a hoarding house to cash buyers, it provides a lot of solutions. There are many problems with the ownership of a hoard house.

Not only is the cash a big advantage there are others. Being able to get rid of the hoard house in a quick manner is a big bonus. Not having to deal with the hoard is another. Nor having to do any renovations is a money saver. There are no hassles are struggling to find a potential buyer.

Cash Buyers Buy Hoarding House

It is possible that you may see an ad that says cash buyers buy hoarding house. It may sound too good to be true. In this case, it is not. There is a chance to sell a hoarding house to cash buyers. There are investors who specialize in buying as is houses. Even those that are hoard houses.

They have several reasons for doing this. They like to invest in houses that they can refurbish and put back on the market. There are cash buyers buy hoarding house experts that are fair in their cash dealings. If you are going to sell a hoarding house to cash buyers you need to look at the whole picture.

One thing is for sure is if you hang onto the hoard house it is going to cost you money. When you sell a hoarding house to cash buyers they will do a total assessment of the house. They will calculate what they have to invest into the home. They have got to get rid of the hoard. Then it may need fumigating. Only then can they carry on with the repairs.

Chances are as the owner of the hoard house you cannot take on all these costs. It takes time and money to restore a hoard house.  Not to mention all the hassles that come with it.

Ready to Sell a Hoarding House to Cash Buyers?

sell a hoarding house to cash buyers fast and easy

We’re cash house buyers in Atlanta who are ready to buy the house as is. That means you don’t have to worry about cleaning it up, or city codes, or anything! At Arbor View Properties, we specialize in a quick sale with a cash offer. We can get that hoarding house off of your hands as fast as you need.

Have a question? Give us a call today at 770-810-5715, or visit our website to get a no obligations cash offer on your inherited hoarder house. We would love to talk to you and help you through this stressful time!

The information presented in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be considered legal, financial, or as any other type of advice.
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